Look For Different Designs For Rigid Boxes

Rigid Boxes

There are different options for rigid boxes. However, these solid packaging boxes can craft as per your customer’s need. Although, these boxes can manufacture in various design patterns and styles. The two-piece box style is one of the most commonly use types of Rigid Boxes. Two-piece rigid box Packaging can prepare in a variety of combinations and forms to meet a variety of product needs and aesthetic preferences.

What Are The Popular Designs Of Rigid Boxes?

Do you want to know the popular and trendy designs of rigid boxes? Here are some popular designs below:

Straight Wall Box

This is the most typical style, with rectangular or square sides and a detachable lid that fits securely over the base. It has a clean and elegant appearance and is ideal for a wide range of items.

Shoulder Box

These designs, also known as shoulder-neck boxes, have an additional shoulder or neck part on the base to offer extra support and strength. This style is frequently utilize for heavier or more fragile products that require more protection.

Sliding Drawer Box

A base with a sliding drawer that can be taken out to show the contents. Handles or ribbons can add to the drawer to make it easier to open. The Sliding drawer boxes are popular for jewelry, cosmetics, and high-end gift packaging.

Flip-Top Box

The lid of the box flips open from one side to show the contents in this design. It can be hinged at the back or on the side, and it provides a practical and beautiful approach to reach the contents.

Windowed Box

These boxes include a clear window on the lid or sides that allows customers to see the product without having to open the box. The window can be clear plastic or customize with various shapes and designs.

Book-Style Box

These boxes are inspired by the design of a book and have a hinged lid that opens like a book cover. They create a distinctive and classy look and are typically use for high-end items, documents, or promotional kits.

Nested Boxes

Similar to Russian nesting dolls, nested boxes are groups of two or more boxes that fit within each other. These boxes provide innovative packaging and are frequently use for gift sets or product collections.

Collapsible Boxes

These boxes are foldable and collapsible, making them ideal for storing and shipping when not in use. They are easy to assemble and provide convenience for both producers and customers. These are just a few of the many design options for two-piece rigid boxes. To create a unique and personalize packaging solution, each design can be further customize with various finishes, materials, and printing possibilities.

Some Pros of Two-Piece Rigid Boxes

Due to their multiple advantages, two-piece rigid boxes, also known as two-piece setup boxes, are commonly use in packaging. Here are some of the benefits of using two-piece rigid boxes:


Two-piece rigid boxes are built of robust and rigid materials like cardboard, chipboard, or corrugated board. This makes them extremely resilient and capable of preventing external damage to the contents during storage and transportation.


These boxes are well-present and increase the apparent value of the goods. They appear professional and luxurious, making them appropriate for high-end products or gift packing. To produce an eye-catching aesthetic effect, the lid and base of the box can customize with various finishes such as embossing, debossing, foil stamping, or spot UV.

Simple Reach

The two-piece construction of these boxes makes it simple to reach the contents. The lid is readily remove and replace, allowing users to open and close the box without difficulty.


Custom Rigid Boxes are extremely adaptable and can customize to fit individual product specifications. They can manufacture in a variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations to accommodate a variety of objects such as electronics, cosmetics, jewelry, clothing, and more.


These boxes’ sturdy shape provides great protection for fragile or delicate things. The box’s robust walls and edges assist keep the contents from shifting or becoming damage during transit.

Branding and Personalization

Two-piece rigid boxes provide plenty of room for branding and customization. Logos, product information, and other branding features can print on the lid and base, assisting in brand awareness and promoting a professional image.


Customers can reuse two-piece rigid boxes for storage or as ornamental containers because of their endurance. This increases the value of the package and can improve the overall client experience.

Rigid Packaging Boxes Wholesale
Rigid Packaging Boxes Wholesale

Eco-responsible Packing

Because many two-piece rigid boxes are manufacture from recyclable materials, they are an environmentally responsible packing option. Companies can contribute to sustainability initiatives and address the growing need for sustainable packaging solutions by using eco-friendly materials.

Overall, two-piece Rigid Boxes Packaging provides an outstanding combination of durability, aesthetics, utility, and branding potential, making them an excellent choice for product packaging.

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