LED Strip Lights Wholesale Packs – Affordable to Premium Quality


The LED Strip Lights come in Wholesale Packs that range from cheap LED strip lights packs to the high-end LED strip lights packs.


Introduction to LED Strip Lights 


LED strip lights, also referred to as LED tape or LED ribbon, is a flexible strip with a number of LED bulbs set into a plastic casing that is typically made from PVC. Cable glands are available in rolls or reels and can be slit and linked for further usage depending on the length required. 


This type of lighting is very flexible and uses less energy when compared to other types of lighting. They can be employed for various purposes, including under-cabinet and under-shelf lighting, cove lighting, accent lights, task, backdrop, and others. They can be powered and accessed in any location if the appropriate power supply and accessories are provided.


Benefits of Buying LED Strip Lights in Wholesale


More Affordable Pricing


Purchasing LED strip lights Wholesale packs enables one to benefit from volume discount offers for stocks. The price is cheaper with increasing quantity since you’re buying many units at once. Wholesalers sell their products at cheaper cost-per-unit prices than the cost that retailers have to sell their products at.


Convenient and Cost-Effective Shipping 


As for the shipping, most suppliers provide free or minimal shipping fees when ordering wholesale packs. This is quite advantageous since it minimizes the extra costs that one would have to make when he or she is placing individual small orders.


Variety to Choose From


Quality LED strip light wholesalers source various lengths, width, lighting density, adhesive options, and connector options etc. This makes it easier for you to directly get all that you need for your project from one supplier.


Quality Products from Reliable Brands


It is a known fact that most of the leading manufacturers directly deal with the wholesale retailers and dealers. This way, you can easily identify the top strip lights from hit lights, lighting ever, and several other brands at reasonable rates.


Flexible Order Quantities 


A few wholesalers are capable of ordering specific wholesale packs based on the inventory available or general order requirements of your project. The number of reels can be small as 10 or large as 1,000, depending on your preference.


Factors to Consider When Buying Wholesale LED Strip Lights


Choose Suitable Length and Density


Calculate the overall area that needs to be illuminated, and the necessary amount of length, and brightness to be achieved. This is why it is advisable to buy LED strips with the following technical characteristics to get a favorable outcome.


Decide Mounting Mechanism 


Typically, self-adhesive, magnet mount, clip-on or aluminum channel: Choosing strips depending on the type of the surface you would like to place them.


Consider Extras Needed


Factor in additional accessories such as power supply, connectors, controllers etc; lens covers, mounting clips etc; Purchase wholesale packs of all these items.  


Choose High Quality Brands


Retail packs tend contain cheaper parts and low quality LED chips; it is safe to buy wholesale packs with renowned brand names. Check reviews and ratings.


Compare Supplier Prices and Reliability 


In the case of deciding among several suppliers, one should examine and compare such factors as the wholesale rates, shipping fees etc. Also review customer service support in the event that other problems will occur in the future.


Purchase from Authorized Distributors


Always buy led strip light packs in bulk from an authorized distributor only for original and genuine product. This also make sure that only genuine quality products are out in the market with warranty support.


Types of Wholesale LED Strip Light Packs


Basic Non-Waterproof Strips 


Most suitable for indoor and dry wall surface installation

* They arrive in lengths of 5m (16. 4) each reel 

* Available offer lengths range up to 100m provided the two ends are connected.

>*affectionately is available at $2 for 5m reel


Waterproof LED Strips


This means that the products can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

* The outer coating is made of flexible silicone that helps combat moisture.

* Mainly 5m reels but can be joined to extend up to 30m. 

a little more expensive from $5 per 5m length


High Density LED Strips 


> Provide more than 280 LEDs per meter of the strip for brighter illumination.

Incorporates a wider beam angle of 120° for illuminating larger surfaces.

* The maximum cable length for one reel is 5 meters, and it can be expanded up to a maximum of 10 meters if connected to another reel.

Most expensive at $10 per 5m reel when compared to the other types of wire used in the industry.


LED Light Bars 


* Light bars complete with the bracket to install

* Integrated industryleader 64 bit driver and slim aluminum heat spreader

Installation can be done with screws under cabinets and shelves.  

It was available in the packaging of wholesale for ten or twenty pieces in a box.


Buying Wholesale LED Strip Lights on a Budget


Here are some tips to buy affordable, good quality LED strip light wholesale packs if you have budget constraints:Here are some tips to buy affordable, good quality LED strip light wholesale packs if you have budget constraints:


Stick to Non-Waterproof Basic Strips

Hence for indoor application, basic strips are preferred and are cheaper than waterproof strips.


Buy Longer Length Rolls

This simply means that, the longer the length of the strip light reel, the less the cost per metre. Buy 30m-50m rolls.


Choose Neutral White or Cool White Shade

Warm white and RGB strips are relatively costlier than any other LED strip. The best neutral or cool white should be used. 


Compare Prices Across Suppliers

You can compare prices of several wholesalers for stocks on the internet to purchase bulk packs.


Ask for Quantity Discounts 

Discuss with wholesalers on how they are willing to sell products at cheaper prices if a large quantity is purchased.


Check for Sales and Promotions

You could wait for it to be on sale during summer, winter, or any other festive season from manufacturers.




LED strip lighting is one of the most flexible and adjustable available types of luminaries. Purchasing LED strip lights in the economical wholesale packs provides an even better way to spend less than you would require to when purchasing project lights severally. It is important to spend some time identifying trustworthy vendors who sell good quality products at bulk rates affordable enough. LED strip lights are an excellent choice since they come in various length, and lighting densities and can be mounted in numerous ways, and there are LED strip light packs in all price ranges.


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