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Getting a Jellycat Singapore is one the kindest thing you can ever do. This great gift not only fosters a child’s creativity but also promotes social skills such as sharing, caring, and socializing. From emotional support to companionship to security, Jellycat toys provide transitional comfort in any situation. Not every store in Singapore offers this cuddly animal. There are only a few big names that keep captivating Jellycat plush series. So, read these 3 amazing stories to find a perfect companion for your little who sticks with them during different stages of their childhood. So, let’s get started.

Top 3 stores to buy Jellycat toys in Singapore

Jellycat Bunny has won the hearts of people all around the world, and their rising popularity can be attributed to assorted reasons. With irresistibly soft bodies, cute aesthetics to diverse range, there are many factors that make these plush toys so special. Not every store in Singapore has this unique piece of art. Here are top 3 brands where you can find authentic Jellycat Bunny.

Lovingly Signed:

From baby essentials to gorgeous range of Jellycat Singapore, Lovingly Signed never fails to amaze us with its awe-inspiring gifting range.  It is every mom’s to-go destination to shop baby toys. The store is known for their eye-catching collection of Jellycat soft toys including their best-selling Bashful Bunny with big floppy years. The store stocks some of the trending themes like Nature inspired Celestial, Vintage, Ocean, Seasonal, and Fairytale-inspired Bashful themes.  Spoiling newborn with love, their quality will amaze everyone. 

The store makes your gift even more meaningful by offering numerous personalization options including name imprinting or birthday embroidery. What is more special about these soft toys is that you can add in a lovely note for your baby to read once they are grown up. This mere touch of personalization makes it a precious keepsake for generations. Also, wrap your gift and makes it aesthetically beautiful through gift wrapping services. Offering creative and unique gift boxes, Lovingly Signed lets you celebrate the birth of your baby, beautifully. 

Fluffy Friends:

Another popular baby store, Fluffy Friends owns almost every collection of Bashful Bunny that you can ask for. Some of the famous collections include Woodland, Cordy Roy, Floral friends, and many more, each portraying the elegance and charm of the edition. Available in different patterns and textures, these bunnies depict expert craftsmanship and creativity. 

Moreover, the store offers discounts and runs promotions on almost every collection, making sure no kid is without companion. The store also stocks Jellycat clothing and accessories like bows, hats, onesies, and much more for your little one to style them the way they like. This makes the plush toy a fun companion to hang with. 

Posh Baby Shop:

As the name suggests, Posh Baby Shop features every bunny from Bashful Series including Amuseable, Blossom, and Plush Bashful Bunny collection. Each animal has its own unique personality, making them not amazingly simple toys but perfect companions to cuddle with. No doubt, their Jellycat soft toys are crafted from finest fabric that stays gentle on baby’s skin. 

The store provides different personalization choices for you to choose from including embroidering name initials or date of birth, selecting outfits and accessories, or incorporating a heartwarming note for your loved ones.


Jellycats are the most practical and heartwarming gift you can buy. And Lovingly Signed provides aw-inspiring range of Jellycat Singapore. As you shop these lovely creatures, do not forget to personalize for added touch for sophistication.  So, get a friend for your little one who holds them close during their low moments only from Lovingly Signed. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Where can I find Jellycat Singapore?
    Jellycat soft toys are readily available in various baby stores across Singapore. One such versatile store is Lovingly Signed, known for its captivating collection Jellycat Singapore.
  2. Can I purchase Jellycat Singapore online?
    Of course, you can! There are many online retailers in Singapore offering Jellycat Singapore for baby boys and girls. Ensure to buy from a reputable seller like Lovingly Signed to be assured about its authenticity and quality.  
  3. Are Jellycat Singapore suitable as a gift?
    Absolutely! Jellycat Singapore is a fantastic gift choice for both babies and grownups. Luckily, Lovingly Signed stocks Jellycats in different huggable sizes thus letting you choose the right cuddly companion.
  4. Are Jellycat Singapore safe for children?
    Yes. Lovingly Signed claims to sell Jellycat Singapore that are manufactured according to child safety guidelines.
  5. Can I get special discounts while buying Jellycat Singapore online?
    Lovingly Signed sends a newsletter to its subscribers providing information about exclusive deals and promotions. Moreover, customers can receive notifications about special discounts on Jellycat Singapore by simply following the social handles of Lovingly Signed.


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