Whenever you hear the word, friend,  a specific person comes to your mind. This specific person, whom you call a friend is the savior of your life. No matter how much you fight, deep inside our hearts, we know, you both have love and respect for each other in your minds. This blog is here, to present you with some unique gifts for friends in India. Scroll down the article to know how you can order something special for your near and dear ones.

  1. SKIN CARE GIFT: If you have a friend, who loves to pamper herself, this kit is good to go with. This is nothing but, a wow skin science gift kit, that contains, ubtan face wash, ubtan face serum, and ubtan face and body scrub that would make her skin go “wow”. You can be the reason for her glowing and radiating skin. This goodie is dispatched on the same day of order placement in a travel-friendly box.  This present would not cost you more than Rs. 1400.
  2. PERFUME AND WATCH HAMPER: This gift set is exclusively made for men, who are charming and want to add some confidence to their look. Perfect gift for a male friend by oye gifts. This hamper contains a 40 ml Ferrari perfume bottle and a Fastrack, water-resistant, black strap–brown dial watch for men that would add a touch of style to your effortless look. This gift hamper would cost you about Rs. 6009 and will be dispatched on the same day of order placement.
  3. MEN’S GOURMET GIFT HAMPER SET: One of the fast and best-selling gifts option available online. This gift hamper set contains a box of three handkerchiefs, a leather wallet, a signature perfume bottle, Cadbury celebrations box, and, last but not least, one golden apple-shaped watch that is known as the gourmet of this gift hamper set. This product is meant to be shipped within two days of order placement and would cost you Rs. 3000 only .
  4. FLOWERS AND FRUITS: Floras are the best option when you aren’t able to think about a gift for someone special. The best option to present to your lovely fitness–gym freak friend. This hamper contains a bouquet of fresh red and white roses wrapped beautifully to make them last longer. In addition to this, you may add a basket full of fresh fruits, i.e. apples, bananas, grapes, and some seasonal fruits that are best to be paired with. This hamper set would not make you spend more than Rs. 1300 .
  5. WOMEN SPECIAL CUTE GIFT SET: Women’s exclusive Friendship Day gift hamper is made for a lady friend of yours, that promises to make her feel gratitude, respect, and love for her and her presence in your life. The lady, who helps you out in every situation, and stood by you in each condition, deserves some attention. With this thought in mind, we have come forward with the best present ideas that would make her happy. This gift set contains a cologne and a deodorant that would add a hint of attitude to her personality. In addition to this, we also have a cute teddy bear on the line to deliver some chocolates to your lady friend.
  6. BRIGHT LAMPS: The brightness of the lamps add peace to our mind. Add some peace to your friend’s house by gifting her/him this pretty lamp. We got a variety of lamps on our website like a pyramidal lamp with a stand, tabletop lamp, tree-styled, nostalgic frames, cosmic moon, hanging, and cubelets. You may choose from more options available. The cost of these lamps ranges from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 5000.

Whether you live in India or you live far away from India, friends are always in your mind. Just to celebrate this lifelong bond, we celebrate friendship day. This friendship day, thank your friend, by using the above-mentioned gift options, for everything he/she did to make you feel complete

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