Wooden Sole: Buy Your Dream Bed Online at Affordable Prices

Wooden Sole offers high-quality beds at affordable prices. Our extensive collection of beds in Bangalore Provides options in a range of price points, making them appropriate for all budget plans. With our reasonable bed prices, you may get any item you choose without going to extremes or forcing your financial situation. The prices for coffee tables, cabinets, dining tables, sofa sets, as well as other styles of furniture too are reasonable. Experience the Wooden Sole advantage by ordering low-cost, high-quality furnishings from us online.

Take a look at our latest wooden bed designs:

  •  Queen size beds: There should be a good balance between comfort, affordability, and comfort in the queen size bed in Bangalore options. Our queen-size bed shapes should provide plenty of space for couples to cuddle up together while also having their own private space.
  • King size beds: Owning a large home has advantages, including the lack of space limitations. In these circumstances, a custom furniture in Bangalore is ideal for serving as the big focal point of your room! Own a contemporary, classic king-size bed to catch people’s attention at Wooden Sole!
  • Single beds: Single bed price in Bangalore offers a wide range of features, including storage areas, headboards, and other things. Now, you can get economical hardwood single beds from Wooden Sole.
  • Double beds: For two people who don’t need a lot of space, Wooden Sole provides distinct selections. Scroll down to browse our wonderful selection of Hardwood double bed price Bangalore or double cot price in Bangalore styles in our store at affordable rates.
  • Cots in Bangalore: Wooden Sole is your best option if you’re searching for wooden cots inJaipur. Browse through the furniture stores we’ve hand-picked in Bangalore.
  • Beds in Bangalore: Your sleep cycle is going to change. Credit goes to the wooden beds in Bangalore. Our selection of solid and built wood beds is made to blend in with any bedroom’s aesthetic. We have the newest design, the most storage space, and the most affordable prices.

Only at Wooden Sole can you find the modern wooden bed designs!

Platform beds:You may not have much space in your home, but you don’t want to sacrifice your sleep quality. Consider purchasing a platform bed. An alternative to a couch bed, folding bed, or merely a mattress on the floor is a platform bed.

Poster beds:When it comes to sleeping, four-poster beds are ideal for those who require absolute privacy. They are also useful if the bedroom in your house becomes a bit too sunny during the day, which gives the bed a fantastic spot for those afternoon naps.

Diwan cot Bangalore:Designer cots enhance the attractiveness of your living room, ranging from the classic sober diwan cot to the contemporary trendy and crafted with bolster coverings and cushions.

Buy a bed in Bangalore:Measuring the space where the bed will go is the initial step in selecting a modern bed. Then, decide how much of your available space will fit the bed. For hassle-free installation buy your perfect bed from our Bangalore store.

Cot price in Bangalore:Discover cots available at Wooden Sole and select from a selection of cot styles to fit your taste and the design you’ve chosen for your house at a low cost.

Discover the Most Trendy Designer Beds and Furnishings Online at Wooden Sole!

  • Wooden furniture online: Modern furniture comes in a huge variety of styles. However, before buying furniture online, you must be aware of your needs.
  • Sheesham wood furniture: You won’t consider other furniture types after realizing the benefits of Sheesham wood. Sheesham wood may be utilized to make any Custom furniture designs because it is sturdy but flexible. Sheesham can be your first choice of wood if you want a set of beautifully designed furnishings in your house.
  • Furniture store Bangalore: Online shopping is the greatest option if you’re looking for furniture in Bangalore. Why wait hours for a cab and fight the traffic when you can view all the available furniture designs on your phone? There are countless possibilities online, especially if you’re seeking furniture pieces in Bangalore. The Wooden Sole website should be your first step for solid wood furniture, despite your choices in terms of cost and finish.
  • Buy furniture online: When looking for furniture online, you should start by carefully going through each room of your house. Make a list of all the furniture that is genuinely required and estimate the sizes as well. No worries, you may still create a huge list and then take a decision if buying the full furniture online is not possible.
  • Online furniture store: We provide you with the availability of a wide selection of online furniture. You can choose from a variety of patterns, sizes, colors, and finishes at your convenience. We offer every style of contemporary furniture online to suit your home demands, including modern, traditional, attic, space-saving, large, and contemporary.
  • Beds online Bangalore: The bed is a pillar in any home, serving as a steady friend and one of its most valued pieces of furniture. It’s the one furniture item you plan to sit in after a long day at the office; it’s where your day begins and ends. A bed is essential to improving our well-being since it provides us with incredible comfort, warmth, and quiet. Buy your dream bed only at Wooden Sole.
  • Bed price Bangalore: The rich collection of beds can be rather difficult to explore. Therefore, purchasing hardwood beds in Bangalore is the ideal way to look at a beautiful selection of beds. Wooden Sole created a lovely piece of Sheesham wood beds and furnishings in Bangalore that are crafted with comfort, beauty, and specs at affordable rates.
  • Diwan cot price in Bangalore:Most every Indian household has a lovely diwan cot for their room. The diwan serves as a bed, but one can even think about sleeping through the night. Diwan cots come in a range of designs. Some divan beds have sturdy hardwood frames that are fixed in place, but others may be moved about due to wheels. Wooden Sole offers a wide range of diwan cots at a low cost.


How much should a king-size bed cost in Bangalore?

Depending on how luxurious a bed you choose to purchase, But we have all the options  available with us in Solid Sheesham Wood starting from Rs 36000/-.

How much does a queen-size bed cost in Bangalore?


Price range is starting from as Low as Rs 34000/- for a queen-size bed. Which is made with A Grade Sheesham wood For a long-lasting Durability.


How much does a bed cost in Bangalore?


It depends on the requirement, accordingly, the price will vary for a platform bed the starting range is 20,000/-


What is the Price of Single beds in Bangalore?


There are many kinds of beds available in the market. Before purchasing a bed, you should make a budget list for your beds and furnishings. Usually, the wooden single bed range starts from Rs  19,115/-


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