Why Should I Install Quartz Worktops in my Kitchen?

The countertops play a significant role in determining the feel and ambiance of a kitchen. The material you select can also impact their performance and longevity. Therefore, paying attention to the type you opt for when it’s time to renovate your property is important. The most popular materials include quartz, marble, and granite. However, quartz worktops in Hertfordshire are considered the best due to their exceptionally incredible properties.

You might be wondering how they have gained significant recognition in the architectural and interior design industry. Well, there are a lot of reasons, one of which is their spectacular appearance. They are capable of creating a tranquil atmosphere while uplifting the overall aesthetics of the space. Besides, their optimum durability makes them ideal for culinary tasks and provides resistance against stains and scratches. Hence, many homeowners have installed quartz countertops in their kitchens to take advantage of their numerous benefits.

Composition & Manufacturing of Quartz Worktops

Because of their sturdiness, aesthetically pleasing appearance, and low maintenance needs, quartz worktops are perfect for residential and commercial locations. Also known as engineered stone countertops, they are composed of:

  • 90-95% natural quartz crystals, the hardest mineral found in nature.
  • Resins, colours, and other additives that help bind the quartz particles together make up the remaining 5-10%.

The extraction of quartz crystals from quarries is the first step in manufacturing quartz worktops. Experts break down the quartz crystals into tiny granules to guarantee uniformity in size and shape. Then, they choose the ratio of these granules to resins and pigments based on the worktop’s desired colour and pattern. Next, the liquid is placed into moulds and compacted under intense pressure. Why? To remove any air bubbles and ensure the cohesion of the materials.

Further, the resins strengthen in the subsequent curing process in a specialised oven, giving the worktop a long lifespan. Finally, the manufacturer polishes the surface, highlighting the quartz crystals’ beauty and creating a glossy look.

Why Should I Install Quartz Worktops in My Kitchen?

You must make yourself aware of the unlimited benefits of choosing quartz worktops in Hertfordshire if you are interested in replacing your outdated countertops.

Low Maintenance

Individuals have lately been choosing quartz over other available options because it requires little to no maintenance. It is non-porous, making it resistant to the development of mildew and bacteria and liquid absorption. Since it demands minimal upkeep, it doesn’t need to be routinely sealed or given additional treatments. Further, it leads to financial savings and peace of mind, which eventually upgrades your quality of life.

Moreover, you don’t have to purchase expensive cleaning detergents to keep the surface sanitised. You can take a small piece of rough cloth and add a gentle cleaning solution. Or you may use a sponge and soap to wipe the countertops and sustain their beautiful lustre. Also, if you don’t have time to clean on a daily basis, you can opt for periodic cleaning.

Resistance to Heat

One of quartz’s most common benefits is its excellent heat resistance. To prevent repairs or replacements, it is necessary to select a material that can withstand high temperatures. Luckily, quartz countertops can endure temperatures up to 300 Fahrenheit.

You may place a cup of tea or coffee on the worktop’s surface without having any second thoughts. Similarly, you may put a bowl full of hot noodles because it won’t pose any risk of potential damage.

However, professionals still suggest using iron stands to avoid direct heat exposure and prolong their anticipated lifespan.

Variety of Colours

When planning to add a sense of charm to your kitchen, deciding on a particular colour scheme may be challenging. In such cases, you will need to look for various shades to evaluate the vibe each hue would create. Additionally, it will not only offer assistance in setting a theme in your mind but also allow you to experiment with several colours and patterns.

Well, quartz kitchen worktops in Hertfordshire come in a broad range of hues, enabling individuals to select their favourite one following their kitchen’s style. You can easily find pastel shades that add a touch of decency to small spaces while building a relaxing environment. In addition, bold colours like deep maroon and midnight black are also renowned for giving kitchens a voguish yet traditional appearance.


Quartz is cheaper than many other countertops’ materials, such as granite. Although it has a broad cost range that varies depending on designs and edges, an affordable masterpiece is always available for those with a limited budget. Also, you may pick a pattern and colour that is less expensive than the ones with huge price tags. Despite the price difference, you will get the opportunity to gain all the benefits this material offers.

Further, the antibacterial properties and tough nature of quartz make it a highly reasonable alternative. You only have to purchase the countertops once and cherish their longevity for the upcoming decades.


A careful balance of natural and artificial components goes into the formulation and production of quartz worktops. Moreover, it results in a high-quality and adaptable product that can turn any area into a stylish and practical workplace. Its versatility, beauty, and durability have the potential to:

  • Maximise functionality
  • Make an area welcoming
  • Boost your property’s value

So, it provides a cost-effective approach to alter your dull kitchen and remodel it into a stunning, serene space. Whether you wish to make it sleek and minimal or lively and dramatic, you will surely find a suitable colour and design that caters to your personality and taste.

So, hurry up and get in touch with us at Slabs & Stones Ltd to find the best quartz kitchen worktops in Hertfordshire!

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