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There are many sports lovers who like to play cricket, but in this busy world, it’s hard to get time for playing cricket on the field. There are scores of fantasy cricket platforms that have been introduced to make your dream come true. Fantasy cricket is a virtual game in which players are able to be an owner of a virtual squad and experience the sport in real-time. It is a platform where you can enjoy the game with your fellow, learn more about the sorts, and earn money just by applying their skills and knowledge.

If you are also a cricket freak and want to experience the real thrill of cricket, then fantasy sports applications are the best option. In this blog, we will discuss how to play fantasy cricket online, strategies to win, and also shed light on the best fantasy sports application.

Steps to play fantasy cricket

  1. Choose the right platform: There are scores of fantasy sports applications here in the market on which players can play different sports. But before starting your career in a fantasy sports world, go through the reviews of the particular app and then download it.
  2. Register yourself: It is a second step in which you need to create an account just by filling in common details over the app.
  3. Choose a cricket league: Now it’s time to choose a league of your choice. There are numerous leagues available on the fantasy sports platform in which you can participate in real time.
  4. Create your virtual squad: This is one of the favourite parts of all the players. Here, you need to create your virtual squad by choosing the players from both teams who are going to perform in the upcoming match. After the successful creation of the team, deploy it into the match, and based on the players’ performance, you will get the points.

Strategies to win big in Fantasy cricket:

  1. Players’ form and conditions: To win big in fantasy cricket, always go through the player’s records, current performance, and injury reports. It will help you to choose the best players and increase the winning percentage.
  2. Research and analysis: Before creating your team and deploying on the ground, always check the weather and pitch conditions and choose the player accordingly.
  3. Captaincy choice: If we talk about a real cricket match, then the captain has to manage the team, but it’s not applicable in fantasy cricket. So whenever you are appointing captains of your team, always choose high-scoring players because they will get 2x and 1.5x points accordingly, and it will lead you and your team towards more rewards.h
  4. Play practice matches: There are numerous fantasy sports applications on which players can learn how to play and earn by playing fantasy cricket. So, to get more cash rewards for winning, always try to learn the game by playing free practice matches.

Final Words:

If you are a cricket freak, then this blog is helpful for you. By reading this, you will get to know how to play and tips to win more in fantasy cricket. Suppose you want to be a player and are looking for the best fantasy platform. In that case, Think11 is one of the leading fantasy cricket applications on which you can easily take part in different fantasy cricket leagues. By choosing this fantasy sports app, players can also able to play fantasy football and kabaddi.

This fantasy cricket app is designed with a simple UI and UX by which everyone can experience the real thrill of cricket. On this, you will get the regular game and player updates that increase your knowledge and gameplay. Rather than that, if you ever face any issue regarding the app or the game, you can connect with customer support, and they will assist you.

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