Placing Your Bets: Group A Emerging Asia Cup Teams Cricket Odds

Buckle up! As the stage is all set for the much-awaited Asia Cup 2023. You have the participating teams divided into groups – A and B, all set to compete against each other with full-proof game plans. The tournament is scheduled to be played from August 30th to 17th of September 2023. 

This year’s Asia Cup is organised by Pakistan and Sri Lanka and has the Nepal team debuting for the first time in the game. Also, all the qualifying teams are at their best, setting the standard quite high than the regular.  

If you are an ardent fan of the game and want to know more, continue reading. The write-up will help you understand the complete game, including the Asia Cup 2023 betting odds

Asia Cup 2023 – Teams And Groups

Among the participating teams, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh are quite in their forms, but one must recognize the presence of Afghanistan and Nepal as tough competitors. 

Also, this is the first time Nepal is making its debut after securing a winning position at the 2023 ACC (Asian Cricket Council) Men’s Premier Cup. So overall, the competition is quite high, and all the teams are executing their best. 

The teams will start by competing against each other over the group-level matches and then continue to the ‘super-four stage.’ The table below offers a group-specific division for each team:

Group  Position Team
A 1 Pakistan
2 India
3 Nepal
B 1 Afghanistan
2 Bangladesh
3 Sri Lanka

Asia Cup Betting Odds 2023 – Group A Analysis

With India and Pakistan being the constant rivals and newbie Nepal in the scene, the Asia Cup 2023 group A matches are bound to get intense. The timing of the Asia Cup also adds to the game’s magnitude. The tournament is a prelude to ODI Cricket World Cup scheduled for October in the Indian subcontinent. So the teams will use the group-level matches to show off their perfect skills and seamlessly move ahead in the ‘super-four stage’ of the game. Let’s help you with an in-depth analysis of the team-wise odds for the group A emerging teams’ Asia Cup cricket odds.


  • As seven times Asia Cup winners in the past and the number one rank-holding test and T20 team, the men in blue look quite confident.

  • Also, in the Indian cricket team, you have eminent players like Rohit Sharma (captain), Virat Kohli, Hardik Pandya, and KL Rahul. You can trust their past experiences to score a winning bet.   


  • After being a tough competition to the defending champions Sri Lanka in the Asia Cup 2021, this year as well team Pakistan is full of confidence.

  • Also, if you go by the ODI ranks, Pakistan stands second in the list, with India in the third position. This particularly sums up the winning demeanour of the Pakistani team.   


  • Though it is the first time for Team Nepal, their last win against UAE (United Arab Emirates) reflects the team’s positive talent and never-ending confidence level.

  • Among the group of 11, Dipendra Singh, Pawan Sarraf, Rohit Paudel, and Sandeep Lamichhane have shown promising talent. Over the years, these players have shown exceptional cricketing skills, so one must not take them lightly. 

Asia Cup Betting Odds 2023 – Group A Betting Tips   

To simplify, here are some Group A match-specific betting tips to win you a steady return on investments. 

  • Traditionally, India has always been the most successful team in Asia Cup games, so most bookmarkers and betting enthusiasts like to place their bets on India as the tournament winner. But this time, you must take it easy, owing to the influx of versatile talents in the game.

  • You can always keep placing your bets on the ‘Man of the Match’ during each game to opt for easy gains.
  • Also, look for the bets that let you predict the totals of a match. These are easy to guess and will win you sure shot amounts with less hassle.  


So that is all about the Asia Cup teams 2023 betting. Based on the odds and predictions, you can decide where and how to place your bets. But remember, the odds are subject to change, and cricket is known for its volatile nature, where things can go the other way around pretty easily.  So, place your bets carefully and responsibly.

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