Meditation, Mobiles, and Modern-Day Maladies: An Exploration with Weljii

In an increasingly digitized era, where our screens promise instant connectivity, a paradoxical disconnect exists – from our inner selves and immediate environment. Our dependence on technology, while advantageous in many ways, has also given birth to new-age concerns, one being the fear of being without our mobile phones. On the other hand, age-old practices like meditation promise a path to reconnect with ourselves. 

As we journey with Preeti Rao and Weljii, we’ll delve into the transformative power of meditation and then pivot to understanding the psychological underpinnings of our mobile dependencies. This exploration offers a balanced perspective on embracing mindfulness in a technology-driven world by juxtaposing these contrasting themes. Let’s uncover how to maintain inner peace while navigating the digital age.

The Triad of Meditation: Relaxation, Dhyana, and Tapah

Meditation, often regarded as a mystical process reserved for the sages, is, in reality, a universally accessible tool that promises holistic wellness. Preeti Rao, through her insightful video, enlightens us on the three essential steps of meditation:

  • Relaxation: This initial step is about preparing the mind and body. By focusing on our breathing, letting go of stressors, and immersing ourselves in the present moment, we set the stage for a more profound meditation experience.
  • Dhyana (Concentration): Once relaxed, the focus shifts to Dhyana, which involves deep concentration. It might be on an object, a sound, or simply one’s breath. This process sharpens the mind, promoting mental clarity.
  • Tapah (Asceticism): Tapah, the final step is cultivating discipline and resilience. It’s about transcending immediate desires and distractions honing one’s willpower.

Meditation’s profound impact extends beyond mental tranquillity. It fosters physical rejuvenation and spiritual awakening, serving as a cornerstone for holistic wellness.

Nomophobia: The Fear of Disconnecting

In today’s hyper-connected era, mobile phones serve as windows to the world. Yet, they simultaneously cast shadows of dependency and anxiety. The advent of Nomophobia underscores the irony of our times.

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  • Psychological Implications: Behind the term “Nomophobia” lies a profound psychological concern. This deep-rooted attachment to our devices manifests in various ways – anxiety when the battery runs low, distress when out of network coverage, and sheer panic if the phone is misplaced. This constant state of alertness can affect mental well-being.
  • Modern-day Tether: With the world at our fingertips, the lines between different facets of life become blurry. This constant accessibility can elevate stress levels, as we’re always “on call”, affecting our ability to truly relax and disconnect.
  • Towards Mindful Connectivity: Addressing the grip of Nomophobia requires more than just occasional digital detoxes. Engaging in activities that ground us in the present – like reading, nature walks, meditation or practising hobbies – can serve as therapeutic respites from the relentless pings of our screens.

Navigating Modern Challenges with Weljii

While understanding the benefits of meditation and the implications of modern-day phobias is essential, having the proper guidance to navigate these challenges is equally crucial.

  • Guidance with Weljii: Through its array of programs, Weljii offers comprehensive advice. From introducing meditation techniques to providing tools to deal with the stresses of modern life, Weljii is a beacon for holistic health and wellness.
  • Preeti Rao’s Vision: With her expertise and vision, Preeti Rao has curated programs that are not just theoretical but deeply practical. They are designed to empower individuals to take control of their well-being in this rapidly changing world.
  • Bridging Traditional Wisdom with Contemporary Needs: One of the distinctive features of Weljii’s approach is the seamless integration of age-old wellness wisdom with contemporary challenges. Harmonizing traditional practices with modern needs provides a balanced pathway for individuals to reclaim their well-being in today’s frenetic world.


Modern challenges require solutions, but sometimes, the remedies lie in age-old practices like meditation. With the expertise of Preeti Rao and the holistic approach of Weljii, one can find balance amidst chaos, connection amidst disconnection, and wellness in the heart of adversity. Embrace the journey of self-awareness, healing, and growth.



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