6 Things In The Lies Of P Demo Could Be Improved

After playing the Lies of P demo, which is a great Souls-like game that players can’t wait to play, there are a few small changes that could be made.

Lies of P shows a lot of love for the Soulslike style. With a different take on the story of Pinocchio, players can get caught up in the risks of the city of Krat, which is full of puppets. With the Lies of P demo, players can try out some of that right now.

As a demo, Lies of P’s gameplay may not be the same as the final game, and the company that made this Souls-like game could learn from how fans react and what they say. There are a few things in the Lies of P demo that could make the full game better, but that doesn’t take away from how great the demo is and how much more there is to learn about the dark story.

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