How Many Students Clear NEET In first attempt

Everyone knows that NEET is one of the toughest exams in India and there are many students who have passed it with good marks, but do you know how many students have passed it in their very first attempt? This guide will tell you how many students have cracked NEET in their first attempt.

This article is being written only to fulfill your question, so make sure you read it with full focus. Because, if you forget any of these then you will not be able to understand what is explained in this article, so let’s get started and know about it.

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How many students pass NEET in first attempt:

There are many students of NEET who have cracked it in their first attempt. According to the previous records, 60-70% of the candidates have cracked it in their first attempt and according to this percentage, at least 600 to 700 students have cracked it. Have done it in my first attempt.

Best strategies to Clear NEET in the First Attempt:

Let us talk about NEET syllabus, before knowing it it will prove to be very important for you so before getting advice on how to crack the exam in the first attempt. You should visit the official website of NEET to know about its syllabus.

There you can get all the information you need regarding your course. If you want to crack NEET in your first attempt then here are some tips to crack the exam with good marks. Tips will help you to crack your exam easily.

Comprehensive Study Plan

NEET exam is very hard, so to crack it, it is important to have an effective time table. If you do not have one, then you need to make a time table. To ensure that you crack NEET in your first attempt, you should make a separate schedule for each of your subjects to ensure proper preparation for each subject.

Use your study plan to cover each topic of the NEET syllabus in detail to ensure that you are well prepared for the exam. Make sure your plan is easy to follow.

Examine Your Material Choice

Select appropriate reading material, such as reference books, internet resources and textbooks written specifically for NEET. Make sure the syllabus you are preparing with is right and use the selection to increase the effectiveness of your motivation.

Use your materials wisely to complete your preparation and choose your items carefully so that they can help you score well in the exam.

Get frequent exercise

The secret of success is continuous practice so select the right questions for you from the previous year question paper and practice solving them. This enhances your time management abilities and helps you get used to the exam format. If you follow this exam approach correctly, it is a great way to get good grades.


The benefit we get from repeating something over and over again is that it gets deeply embedded in our mind. When you are engrossed in your studies, make a habit of writing brief notes for future reference. These notes will give you a summary of the answers to your questions that you can read to clarify your questions, especially when you are reviewing your syllabus to prepare for your exams.

Seek expert guidance

Also consider a reputed coaching institute that can guide you to pass your exam. Choose Horizon Academy in Yamuna Vihar where experienced trainers with wide experience can provide invaluable insights and point you in the right direction. Making sure you stay on track. One such coaching institute, located in Yamuna Vihar, is dedicated to providing comprehensive support for your NEET journey.

Don’t hesitate to join Horizon Academy in Yamuna Vihar to benefit from the wealth of knowledge provided by our experienced trainers. Their guidance may prove helpful in your pursuit of success.

Time management

To manage your time during NEET exam, master it. Every NEET aspirant usually makes a well-structured timetable to ensure that their preparation remains on track.

As you practice, be diligent about answering questions within the allotted time limit. Manage your time properly to pass your exam.

Prioritize your well-being

Don’t overlook the importance of taking care of your physical and emotional health. Eating a nutritious diet, exercising daily and adopting stress-relief techniques are important to maintain your composure and concentration during your preparation.

Feeling good physically is an encouraging sign, which further increases your determination to maintain optimal health and achieve your goal of qualifying NEET.


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It is not that you cannot pass your exam in your very first attempt. There are many students who have shown that they have cracked the exam in their very first year. I have told you in the article above that how many students have percentage. Who have cleared the exam in their very first year.

Along with this, I have also given you some tips so that you can make yourself so capable in your future that you can crack the exam in your very first year. And for this I have also suggested you the Coaching Center in Yamuna Vihar where you can complete your exam preparation effectively.

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