Why Your Brand Needs a Wikipedia Page and How to Get One?

Digital marketing has reached the peak of its fame. The Internet has unlimited prospects for the promotion of goods and services. And one of the most efficient digital marketing tools is Wikipedia. When searching on the web for material about a book, movie, celebrity, author, or entrepreneur, their Wikipedia page is often the first thing that pops up. Interestingly, it is the most reliable website for information about someone or something on one page. Wikipedia is like an encyclopedia—hence the name.

Wikipedia ranks on the first page for a monstrous 99% of searches. Additionally, Wikipedia is position #1 for 56% of searches. Isn’t that a pretty fantastic track record? With a reputation like that, you have a high chance of an excellent ranking for your brand or business. The best part, it is free!

Considering the many benefits of Wikipedia, have you ever wondered if you can have your own Wikipedia page? You should consider it if you want a solid online presence for your brand. You must have also wondered, “How do you get a Wikipedia page?”

We will also guide you on how a Wikipedia page can build trust, fuel your business growth, and boost your brand presence.

Importance of a Wikipedia page for your brand

We all know Wikipedia as the web’s go-to resource for info on just about anything. From history and countries to culture and celebrities, Wikipedia offers a vast online encyclopedia covering virtually everything consumers search on the web. This includes detailed information on many of their favorite personalities, brands, and products around the globe.

Having a page for your brand on Wikipedia is an effective tool to help you become more discoverable. Additionally, there are strict requirements on who is eligible for a page. Hence, if you do have one, it lends you credibility. Also, it is a tremendous one-page source of information on noteworthy facts about your brand and your work. So, “How do you get a Wikipedia page?” Continue reading to find out.

The best digital promotion in the world

Have you ever wondered when you search for some information online, Wikipedia pops up as the first option? Regardless of what information you are looking for (about a person, event, company, etc.), you will first witness the results from Wikipedia. Therefore, it is highly critical for a brand to have a page on Wikipedia. The user who clicks on the link about the brand will form his opinion about the business.

Simple to use

As many of you know, Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia and is available for editing by all users. Therefore, it is easy to use. However, it is essential to follow Wikipedia’s regulations.

Increased brand credibility

Since Wikipedia is a known encyclopedia globally, by creating a Wikipedia page, you need not worry about reliability and trust factors. Wikipedia pages are operated by thousands of editors who provide authentic and reliable content. The presence of information about your brand on this site means its reliability. So, if you want to increase the value of your brand, Wikipedia is the perfect platform to help you do that.

Enhanced traffic to your site

A Wikipedia page automatically increases your brand’s reach, which is vital in the digital promotion of the brand. This is one of the simplest ways to improve your visibility in search engines. Wikipedia supports search engine optimization (SEO) as the encyclopedia is followed by many people globally.


Wikipedia is accessible for editing to all Internet users and belongs to everyone. The changes on a Wikipedia page show promptly.

Considering the many benefits of having a Wikipedia page for your brand, you should start thinking, “How do you get a Wikipedia page?” Scroll down to find out more.

How to get a Wikipedia page?

Having a Wikipedia page can put your brand on the map. After it is published, your Wiki page helps establish your brand as a trusted service provider. Creating a quality Wikipedia page is a challenging feat. Getting on Wikipedia often requires extensive knowledge of “how do you get a Wikipedia page?” including the content guidelines, unique formatting, and Wikipedia’s extensive notability requirements. You also need a solid commitment of time, resources, research, and learning.

Account creation

The first step of “How do you get a Wikipedia page?” is to make an account on Wikipedia. Once your account is ready, you need to become an autoconfirmed user. These users have had their accounts for at least four days and have made at least ten edits (including the ones that other users might have deleted). Those who spend time making modifications have a higher chance of getting their Wikipedia page published.

Eligibility check

Even before you start the process of “How do you get a Wikipedia page?” it is essential to check whether your brand is eligible to have one. Your brand needs to have a certain level of notability, meaning that it has been referenced in articles or blogs on significantly well-known websites.

Another way to verify your eligibility is to use the red link technique. Red links denote topics for which articles have been requested but have yet to be written on Wikipedia. So, if your company has been red-linked across a range of Wikipedia pages, it will have a higher chance of approval.

Writing your Wikipedia page

You can commence the writing process by going through the Article Wizard. Next, you will be guided into your personal writing space. Here, you can structure information about your brand the way you would usually see on other Wikipedia pages. This can include brand history and a summary of your products or services.

When writing your brand’s Wikipedia page, one of the critical things to retain is to be neutral and represent yourself as an objective source of information. Wikipedia has firm guidelines on creating content, including unveiling whether you have been paid to write the Wikipedia page.

Addition of citations

After you have updated all the required information to your page, you need to add references to support your claims. Two types of sources can be used: primary sources and secondary sources. Primary sources are the ones that are related directly to an event, such as a research paper for a scientific discovery. On the other hand, secondary sources are created by trustworthy publications or sources with a significant following.

Submission of the page for review

Finally, once you finish all the steps listed above of “How do you get a Wikipedia page?”, it is time to submit your page for review. This requires a lot of patience as it can take time for the Wikipedia editors to come back to you with edits and suggestions. You may have to make changes based on recommendations from the editors. Once you make the changes, your page will be published for all to see. Next, it is advised that you have more than one person edit and contribute to your page consistently since pages without editing history tend to be deleted.


We all know Wikipedia as the web’s go-to resource for info on anything. But for those in the business world, Wikipedia can provide a completely different opportunity: the chance to build brand credibility online and regularly connect with many unique Wikipedia visitors. A Wikipedia page could mean endless possibilities for your brand if done right. A Wikipedia presence in any capacity can help to position the brand as an expert in its industry. It suggests that the brand is significant and trustworthy. In this way, a strong Wikipedia presence can be instrumental for brand awareness.

Wikipedia pages are worth exploring. So, start working on your Wikipedia page right away. After all, Wikipedia is everyone’s go-to online place for information and knowledge!

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