Budget Friendly Kerala Itinerary for Family Travel

Kerala is a charming state in South India having lush landscapes, serene backwaters, and vibrant culture. With this Kerala itinerary for family travel you can explore the God’s Own Country with ease. Kerala is often known for lavish tours.

But, it is possible to have an enjoyable family trip https://www.keralapackage.org/kerala-family-tour-packages without breaking the bank. In this budget friendly Kerala guide, we will show you how to explore this pleasant state. That too without adjusting on the quality of your family trip.

Day 1: Arrival in Kochi

Your journey begins in Kochi, a vibrant coastal city. For your Kerala itinerary for family travel Kochi will give a great start. It further blends history and modern times with a great ease.

Upon arrival at Cochin Airport, you can firstly take a cab. The second cost saving option is a pre paid taxi to your chosen budget friendly stay. That would be in the Fort Kochi area.

Day 2: Explore Fort Kochi

Start your visit of Kochi in Fort Kochi, an ancient neighborhood. That is further filled with charming colonial structure and narrow streets. You can walk around and explore the area.

Visit the landmarks like the Saint Francis Church, the Chinese Fishing Nets and Santa Cruz Basilica. Above all, they are having a free entry. Meanwhile, do not forget to take a stroll along the scenic promenade.

Day 3: Experience Kerala’s Culture in Kochi

Spend your day by delving into the remains of state’s rich culture. You can meanwhile visit the Kerala Folklore Museum.

It offers insights into its ancient art and culture. After that, enjoy a Kathakali offers program at the local cultural center.

Day 4; Drive to Munnar

In the morning, take a bus or train to Munnar. It’s a hill station famous for its tea gardens, lush green hills, and pleasant climate.

Stays in Munnar range from budget guest houses to family friendly resorts. Choose the one that further fits your budget.

Day 5: Explore Munnar

Explore the beauty of Munnar by seeing tea gardens and farms. The tea museum is worth a visit for its exhibits giving knowledge on tea making. You can meanwhile explore the Mattupetty Dam and the pleasant Attukal Waterfalls.

Day 6: Adventure in Munnar

For thrill loving families, Munnar offers things for example trekking and rock climbing. Many local tour partners offer low priced packages suitable for freshers. Above all, it’s a great way to experience the beauty of Munnar.

Day 7: Travel to Thekkady

After your time in Munnar, travel by bus or train to Thekkady, a nature lover’s paradise. The primary attraction here is the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. You can meanwhile enjoy a boat safari at a low cost to spot elephants, deer etc.

Day 8: Explore Thekkady

Spend the day exploring the lush jungles of Thekkady. There are various trekking options there, ranging from easy nature walks to more challenging trails.

You can meanwhile visit spice farms and learn about the region’s famous spices. Above all, they are a integral part of Kerala’s economy.

Day 9: Head to Kumarakom

Your next stop is Kumarakom, a serene backwater region. To reach here, you can take a bus or train to Kottayam. After that, you have to take a short bus ride to reach there.

Day 10: Enjoy the Backwaters of Kumarakom

Kumarakom is all about peace and enjoying the backwaters. Firstly, the houseboat cruise can be pricey.

You can opt for a more budget friendly option by renting a canoe. Meanwhile, don’t forget to take a backwater village tour.

Day 11: Travel to Alleppey (Alappuzha)

Alleppey is one more backwater region that is reachable from Kumarakom. You may further take a bus or train to reach there.

Day 12: Explore Alleppey

Your family can explore the backwaters of Alleppey in a unique way from Kumarakom. Opt for a local ferry ride, which is budget friendly and offers a more real experience. Meanwhile, enjoy the scenic beauty of the canals, paddy fields, and daily life along them.

Day 13: Relax on Marari Beach

Travel a short distance to Marari Beach. Firstly, it is a quiet and clean beach in Mararikulam. You can book budget stay in one of the many guest houses or home stays there.

Day 14: Enjoy Marari Beach

Spend your day at Marari Beach, where your can relax, swim, and enjoy the coastal ambiance. Above all, the beach is less crowded than to many other tourist hotspots in Kerala.

Day 15: Return to Kochi and Departure

Take a bus or train back to Kochi. Spend your last day exploring any sites you may have missed on the first day.

You can indulge in some last minute shopping for souvenirs or spices. During the evening, head to the airport for your flight back to Mumbai.

With this budget friendly Kerala itinerary, you can see the charming beauty and culture of Kerala. That too without going above your travel budget. Explore the ancient Kochi, trek in Munnar and enjoy the backwaters of Kumarakom and Alleppey.

You all will meanwhile create lasting joys in God’s Own Country without any budget stress. It truly offers a unique blend of beauty of nature and culture. Above all, it offers cheaper travel options for your trip.

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