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Hair fall is a problem for many people nowadays, and there are many reasons behind it. Non surgical hair replacement services work as a lifeline for individuals who are dealing with hair loss or thinning. Berkowits provides “ real human hair” in different colors and thickness patches and extensions that give totally natural look that can be styled in any desired way as per trend by Hair techs. It makes it a fast and easy way to achieve what celebs and models like hairstyle in just an hour that anybody could dream of 

At Berkowits, their expert team has established a name in this field of hair care by offering a range of innovative solutions to address this concern with expertise. If you choose to get the expert treatment that can cater to your need for healthy hair for a long time in a budget-friendly way, Berkowits can be your trusted partner.

Understanding Hair Loss

Before diving into the specifics of the services they provide at Berkowits, it is essential to understand what causes hair loss. People may face hair loss if they have any genetic problem, are stressed, or suffer from some medical conditions. If you decide to take a non-surgical hair replacement treatment, you should know that it aims to provide an effective solution for every individual dealing with these issues.

What Is Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

This term is used for non-invasive methods of restoring your hair. In case someone does not want to undergo any surgical procedure, then this process works like magic on them. Berkowits, the best hair clinic is here to offer several non-surgical options, each tailored to meet your specific needs. Their solutions range from hair bonding, clipping, and weaving. You can opt for the most suitable one for you.

Non-surgical Hair Replacement Services Offered by Berkowits

Here are the services they provide in non-surgical replacement of hair:-

  • Hair Bonding: This is a custom-designed technique that can provide you with natural-looking hair. This treatment includes the attachment of well-matched hair extensions to your existing natural hair or the scalp to give it an indistinguishable natural look. At Berkowits, the experts use BluGlu Gel, which is their trademark that creates a strong bond between the attached hair system and the scalp. This non-invasive method is a painless process to give you an easy and quick solution for your hair loss/thinning problem. 
  • Hair Clipping: It is another technique that is used to attach a hair patch to the existing hair on your scalp. The artificial hair patch is fixed using small clips that are attached to the artificial hair extensions, which helps secure it in place for a long time. This method of non surgical hair replacement at Berkowits also provides a natural-looking result for those who are seeking a quick solution for their hair loss. This method works for both females & males.
  • Hair Weaving: This method is considered to be the oldest in this process. Hair weaving involves hair extensions or a hair system that is made with natural hair to blend with existing ones. This hair treatment has been popular for a long time. You need to be careful if you go with this one because it can develop a scalp condition called Traction Alopecia if not done by any professional. Also, if the used hair system/extensions are too heavy compared to what they should be, then it can create problems. So, make sure you go to experts at Berkowits to take such treatments.

Benefits of Getting Non-Surgical Replacement

If you consider this method of hair replacement from the best hair clinic, like Berkowits, you will get numerous benefits. Here are some of them listed below:-

  • Natural appearance: One of the primary benefits is the natural hair look you get. The hair extensions/systems Berkowits uses are well-crafted to match your existing hair’s texture, color, and style. 
  • Minimal discomfort: Unlike surgical procedures, this type of replacement involves little or no discomfort during and after the treatment. You can resume your daily activities immediately after having your good-looking hair.
  • Customization: Berkowits offers a customization option to fulfill your unique needs related to hair. Their expert team tries to work as per preferred considerations when creating a non surgical hair replacement plan. 
  • Safety: These methods are safe when done under the guidance of an experienced doctor. The non-surgical treatments do not pose any risks to your skin or hair. 
  • Better Results: At Berkowits, you can expect to get your best results relatively quickly. It is because their experts ensure that the treatment is done correctly.

Berkowits: Your Trusted Partner for Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Hair loss is a big issue for people dealing with stress or genetic problems. If you are suffering from hair loss and want a non surgical hair replacement to get whole new hair, whether temporary or permanent, Berkowits can help you. They are here to provide you with non-surgical procedures & methods using cutting-edge technology. From hair bonding to hair weaving, they are here to provide services to their clients, ensuring less or no discomfort. With their customized solutions and natural-looking results, Berkowits has emerged as a leading skin and hair care clinic in India.

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