Dos & Don’ts To Consider When Buying An Exterior Rooftop Access Ladder

Gaining access to the rooftop to complete the installation of devices or structures can be hazardous. It is vital to use a ladder that adheres to safety standards and poses no risks to the user. The Exterior Rooftop Access Ladder becomes an essential source for residents as well as commercial establishments. This will enable the workers to access the required area without any trouble. Attending to repairs and replacing components as required is ensured when the ladder remains fixed and in the right spot You may select one according to the duty rating as necessary. Feel free to use it in narrow areas to reach the relatively hard-to-reach spots. It is essential to remember that these ladders must be supported by an adjoining wall or any other structure to maintain its balance. It is advisable to choose a uniform area for placing it. This will enable you to eliminate the risk of toppling the ladder.

Viewing dangling ladders is a common sight across the USA.  Both roof access ladders, as well as crossover ladders, can be installed beside Vats, tanks, chimneys, water towers, and refineries. It is important to note that such a product cannot extend beyond 20 feet. You will have to opt for a different type of ladder when your need demands a ladder capable of extending more than 20 feet. Sourcing the right kind of ladder is the all-important factor that must be ascertained before moving on to other features. Failing on this account increases the risk of accidents and injuries. The right way to be convinced of the load-bearing capacity of a  ladder is to go through the duty rating chart and note the label on the product.

Important Criteria to Note When Buying An Exterior Rooftop Access Ladder

  • Finding a suitable ladder for working on the rooftop or accessing a structure on the roof can be pretty dangerous. While the ladder is essential equipment for access, its use must be done according to the standards. A false move can cause the worker to slip and fall. Grievous injuries or even death become imminent in such circumstances.
  • The first aspect that requires careful contemplation is the access location. Inspecting the workplace or building structure from all sides is important to understand the need. Sadly, the builders often fail to ensure safety for workers who are sure to access the roof for various reasons. A few buildings may include hatches as well as stairwell doors that provide direct access to the edge of the roof. However, stepping onto the edge is a risky proposition until there is a railing in front.
  • The placement of the roof access ladder is yet another point of anxiety. A worker trying to access the structure from the outer side may find himself/herself within a busy area. It helps the installer and repair personnel check the pros& cons of ladder placement before starting on the required tasks. Taking the necessary precautions is a must to thwart the risks.
  • Such ladders are usually used in commercial settings and must meet the required standards to prevent untoward incidents. You would be well advised to go through the ladder safety necessity shared by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). You would be primarily responsible for workplace safety when you happen to be a contractor or a builder employing people to address your concerns.

It thus makes sense to check the varied features of the Exterior Rooftop Access Ladder that you installed on the edge of the roof or beside a roof-top structure to ensure easy access. Some of the OSHA standards that you have to insist upon when ordering and installing the right roof access ladder are:-

  • 118(d)(4)
  • 118(d)(5)
  • 118(d)(6) and (7)
  • 118(e)(4)

You may also ask the manufacturer to educate you about specific ladder requirements. Safety experts recommend sourcing and installation of the right type of ladder without violating the safety standards.

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