Custom Hang Tags: Create Unique And Professional Tags For Your Products

Custom hang tags are small, often rectangular, pieces of printed material attached to products by a string or cord. They typically include information about the product, brand, care instructions, and other relevant details.

Why should one use hang tags for my products?

Custom parking hang tags offer several important benefits for your products, which is why many businesses choose to use them. Here are some key reasons why you should consider using custom parking hang tags for your products:

Brand Identity: 

Custom parking hang tags provide a unique opportunity to showcase your brand’s logo, colors, and overall aesthetics. They help reinforce your brand identity and make your products instantly recognizable to customers.

Information Communication: 

Hang tags convey essential information about your product, such as its name, size, care instructions, material, and pricing. This transparency helps customers make informed purchasing decisions.

Professional Presentation: 

The presence of a well-designed hang tag adds a professional and polished look to your products. It shows that you pay attention to detail and care about the presentation of your items.

Marketing and Promotion: 

Hang tags can be used as a marketing tool. You can use them to highlight key product features, promotions, discounts, or even QR codes that lead customers to your website or social media profiles.

Product Differentiation: 

In competitive markets, custom hang tag parking permits help your products stand out from the crowd. They give your items a unique and memorable touch that can set them apart from similar products.

Gift-Giving and Gift Recipients: 

Hang tags are particularly useful when your products are intended as gifts. They provide a space for gift givers to write a personal message or for recipients to know more about the product.

Cross-Selling and Brand Storytelling: 

Hang tags can be used to suggest complementary products or share the story behind your brand. This can help create a deeper connection with your customers.

Quality Assurance: 

Including care instructions on hang tags can help customers take proper care of your products, extending their lifespan and reducing returns or complaints.

Trust and Credibility: 

The presence of a professionally designed hang tag can instill confidence in your brand and product quality. It signals to customers that you take your business seriously.


Using custom hang tag parking permits across your product line ensures a consistent and cohesive branding strategy. This consistency is essential for building brand recognition and customer trust.

What information should one include on a custom hang tag?

When designing a parking hang tags custom for your products, it’s important to include information that is relevant and useful to your customers. Here are the common pieces of information you should consider including on a custom hang tag:

Brand Logo/Name: 

Display your brand’s logo prominently on the hang tag. This reinforces your brand identity and helps customers recognize your products. More

Product Name: 

Include the name or model of the product to help customers identify it easily, especially if you offer a variety of products.


Clearly state the price of the product, which is essential for customers making purchasing decisions.


Indicate the size or dimensions of the product, whether it’s clothing, accessories, or any other item that comes in different sizes.


Specify the material or fabric used in the product, which is important for customers who have allergies or specific preferences.

Care Instructions: 

Provide care and washing instructions to help customers maintain the product’s quality and appearance. This is particularly important for clothing and textile products.

Country of Origin: 

If your product is made in a specific country, you may choose to include the “Made in [Country]” label for transparency and potential customer preference.

Product Features: 

Highlight key features, unique selling points, or benefits of the product. Use this space to entice customers and explain why your product is special.

QR Code/Website: 

Include a QR code or website URL that leads customers to your online store, product page, or social media profiles for further information or ordering.

Contact Information: 

Add your customer service contact details, such as a phone number or email address, so customers can reach out with questions or concerns.

Additional Information: 

Depending on the product and your brand’s needs, you can include additional information like a tagline, a brief brand story, or any certifications (e.g., organic, cruelty-free) your product holds.


If your products are sold in retail stores, you may need to include barcodes for inventory and sales tracking purposes.

What are the common materials for hang tags?

Custom hang tag parking permits are often made from cardstock, kraft paper, or specialty materials like fabric or metal, depending on your brand’s aesthetic and the product they’ll be attached to.

Can you use hang tags for clothing?

Yes, custom hang tag parking permits are commonly used in the fashion industry to display the brand name, clothing size, care instructions, and pricing. They can add a professional touch to your garments.


In summary, parking hang tags custom serve as a versatile and valuable tool in enhancing your brand, providing information to customers, and making your products more appealing and marketable. They are a cost-effective way to add a personal and professional touch to your items, ultimately contributing to a positive customer experience and increased sales.

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