3 Ways to Keep Your Online Grocery Shoppers Happy

A user’s online shopping experience matters a lot when making your grocery store sales spike. Who doesn’t want to establish a business that makes a shedload of money, has a vast customer base, and has a big market share in its name?

Well, that is what most of the grocery store owners are aiming for in current times. All thanks to BinDawood and its online shopping module, people in Saudi Arabia no longer need to stand in queues and buy groceries.

About BinDawood – Saudi Arabia’s Best Online Supermarket

BinDawood is a popular grocery app, launched in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia’s post city and one of the primary resort cities.

Since 2019, the supermarket app has been ruling the market with its convenient shopping assistance and online delivery system.

From farm-fresh fruits and vegetables to toys, home appliances, and electronics, BinDawood is helping the residents to buy everything they need, at the touch of a button.

Do you know the secret to the success of this online grocery shopping app? Well, here’s how BinDawood is keeping its online grocery shoppers happy.

Schedule pick-up

Users can schedule their pick-ups using the app. This feature is best for those who want to pick up the groceries themselves from the BinDawood store that’s on their way to home/office.

They can order everything they want and pick up packed items quickly from the store they select at the date and time they want.

Home delivery

Users who want to enjoy the convenience of doorstep delivery can use this feature.

On the checkout page, users can opt for the option of home delivery and get all the items delivered to their doorstep.

A professional delivery driver will pick up the packed items from the BinDawood store, and deliver them to the user’s address.

Multiple offers, deals, and discounts

When building an app like BinDawood, make sure that you enable users to apply multiple offers, deals, and discounts.

This feature not only attracts customers who want to enjoy discounted rates on their desired grocery items but also retains previous shoppers.

One-stop grocery shopping app

The application enables users to buy everything they want right from one application. It is a one-stop shop for users and all their grocery shopping needs.

BinDawood offers a wide range of items, including daily essentials, which gives users no reason to buy the same things from a competitor’s app.

Refer and earn

The refer and earn feature enables registered grocery shoppers to share the Invite Code with their friends and family.

Using the code, customers can sign-up on the app. And once they place their first grocery order, the existing user earns monetary benefits.

Easy tracking

Live location tracking is a must-have feature in every grocery app like BinDawood.

Well, this excellent feature allows users to track the current location of the delivery driver on the map. Also, they can see the ETA of the order on the same screen, thus, dumping all the guesswork.

From doorstep grocery delivery to store pickup, customers are always looking for a convenient and seamless shopping experience.

With the growth of online grocery shopping, it has become crucial for retailers to stay ahead of their competitors.

With the right strategies in place, entrepreneurs like you can build and launch exceptional solutions for grocery shoppers in Saudi Arabia.

How to Make Your BinDawood Clone App Users Happy

Use cross-selling

Cross-selling stands tall as a mighty pillar within the realm of marketing. It is a proven method!

This powerful technique enables the grocery seller to offer customers products that are related to the item they are purchasing.

For many online grocery delivery businesses, cross-selling has helped them to improve their sales and profit statistics.

Well, as the app owner, you can cross-sell grocery items to your customers in the following ways:

  • Recommendations: say, a user is ordering milk on the app, you can recommend they try out almond milk as well. There are chances that the user might think about trying your recommendation and adding to the cart almond milk as well.
  • Discount offers: one of the grocery shoppers has added grocery items worth SR55 to their cart. Now, when searching for discounts, you can offer them to add more items worth SR15 to avail of a discount of SR9. Well, many users will opt for the option, helping you to sell more instantly.
  • Product bundles: you can offer your users bundles of products as well. Say, a user wants to add 2 cereal boxes which cost them SR21. Now, instead, you can offer them to buy a bundle of 3 boxes at SR 26.50.

Make your mobile app user-friendly

With the increasing usage of mobile phones, it has become crucial for every entrepreneur to launch a user-friendly app.

Since the entire grocery business will be operated via your mobile app, you need to consider the requirements of every age group present in your target audience.

To develop a user-friendly mobile app for your grocery business, here’s what you should do:

  • Conduct proper market research and build an app that is useful and has better features than your competitors.
  • Create an intuitive interface.
  • Use the latest technologies.
  • Try to integrate ready-to-use solutions as they can help you develop the BinDawood Clone app in less time and on a strict budget.

Summing Up:

Although there are many ways to enhance your customers’ experience online, it requires time to effectively implement all of them.

Now that you have a general understanding of how to ensure satisfaction for your online grocery shoppers, begin creating your grocery app like BinDawood.

Perform extensive market research on your target audience before you start creating a plan. To ease out all the struggles of grocery app development, get a ready-to-launch app.

With a well-designed app, you can quickly launch your BinDawood Clone in Saudi Arabia, or as a matter of fact, anywhere in the world!
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