8 Best Eikon Boss Fights In Final Fantasy 16

All of the Eikon boss fights in Final Fantasy 16 are great, but some are more fun to play than others.

Since Final Fantasy 3, summons have been a part of the Final Fantasy games. These creatures could be summoned by players to do a lot of damage to enemies on the field. As the show went on, the roles of Summons became more complicated. The idea that Summons, which were called Espers in Final Fantasy 6, were animals from another world was a big step forward.

Final Fantasy 16 is here to push things even further. This time, some of the figures, called Dominants, have Eikons, which are Summons, stuck inside of them. They can use this power to turn into Eikons in battle and fight like Kaijus. There are a lot of boss fights in the game that involve Eikon, so let’s rank them all.

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