7 Best Instagram Hacks To Boost Your Engagement Rates

Instagram is one of the most versatile platforms to showcase your hidden talents. Also, instagram engagement is the dream of many social media marketers. This application has become more notable now, and you must pay attention to your engagement rates. 

If you are looking for ways to build your own community on Instagram, engagement is one of the crucial components. So, how do you boost your engagement rates on Instagram? Let us start by understanding what instagram engagement is and the best hacks to improve it. 

Instagram Engagement – A Short Introduction

Instagram engagement is the metric that states the total percentage of your followers’ interaction with your content. The engagement rates on Instagram are not only about the users following you but also how they interact with your post. 

Some of the engagement metrics are:

  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Comments
  • Saves
  • Brand Mentions
  • Direct Messages (DMs)
  • Story Views
  • Click-Through Rates
  • Impressions

You have to create interesting content to gain more engagement rates on Instagram. If you watch any highly engaging videos, you can use the free instagram video downloader to download that video. Also, you can enjoy watching it offline. 

7 Best Instagram Hacks

Here are the seven best tried and tested Instagram hacks to boost your engagement rates double. 

  1. Employ Instagram Story Stickers

One of the most engaging ways to use the Instagram Story features is by employing stickers. You can use the question sticker to have a direct conversation with your followers. Start asking questions via the question sticker in your Story. And answer them one by one. Make a note that every time a follower interacts with your Story sticker, it is measured as engagement rates. 

  1. Create Relevant Memes

Memes are the best way to enter each of your follower’s hearts quickly. Do you know why? Memes are so funny, relatable, and creative to engage with everyone. When you have a suitable meme to post on Instagram, do it first. Later, notice how your followers like, comment, and share your meme posts. 

  1. Create Carousel Posts

Carousel posts are the gold mine of increasing engagement rates. Why? This type of post allows you to create and share up to ten videos and pictures. For instance, your close friend posts a picture with you, and you don’t have that picture. You can use the instagram downloader app to download your friend’s profile post effortlessly. So, create a carousel post and enhance your engagement rates organically. 

  1. Include CTA In Captions

Incorporating a compelling call-to-action (CTA) in your instagram caption is a great way to gain engagement. If you post a video promoting your brand products, you can include a CTA as “Follow for more” or “Link in bio” to attract more customers. Another significant way to drive more engagement rates is by encouraging your followers to click the CTA in your profile bio. 

  1. Make Excellent Reels

Reels are an amazing feature on Instagram that effectively helps you increase your engagement rates. Create excellent Reels and post them on your profile. Moreover, you can use the instagram reel downloader to download your favourite creator’s Reels. Use it as a reference to create awe-inspiring Reels and enhance your engagement rates. 

  1. Host A Giveaway

Everybody loves love gifts and stuff. You can leverage this excellent hack to gain more organic engagement rates. Ensure the giveaway you are hosting is intentional and appealing to your target audience. Whatever the product or service your giveaway, you must give real prizes to increase engagement rates. 

  1. Make Use Of Instagram Analytics

Lastly, make use of Instagram Analytics to track your profile performance. To check those details, you must switch to a business account first. Using the analytics feature, you can find your follower location, gender, and insights into particular posts. After analyzing all these essential metrics, you can improvise the metric easily. Besides, you can try the free ig downloader to enjoy videos and photos in your leisure time. 

Wrapping Up

And there you go! These are the seven best Instagram hacks to skyrocket your engagement rates. All these tips are tried and tested by many users. So, why don’t you try these hacks as the stepping stone to your Instagram success? Give it a try. Use all these above-mentioned Instagram hacks to gain more engagement rates. Also, get a chance to feature your posts on the Instagram Explore page. Happy Instagramming!

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