5 Tips to Improve Your Storage & Organization with Kitchen Remodeling Project

If you’ve ever gone through a major kitchen remodel, then you know how much work it can be. You have to move everything out of the way, put up new cabinets and appliances, and install countertops. It can take weeks to complete the project—but it makes everything function better. If you’re planning a new kitchen or just want to improve your existing one, here are some tips for organizing storage while working with your kitchen remodeling contractor in San Jose, or wherever you reside:

  1. Put Up Shelves

You’ll want to put up shelves in your kitchen for two reasons: to make room for more storage and to keep things organized. Shelves will help you organize everything from pots and pans to spices, so it’s important that they’re placed in a way that makes sense for your lifestyle.

If there are cabinets above the sink area, this is the perfect place for some small-space shelving units that can hold cleaning supplies or dish towels. If not, consider adding some extra storage space by putting up an inexpensive pegboard wall organizer near where you do most of your prep work (like making sandwiches). The key here is keeping things easy to access without cluttering up countertops with too many items lying around on display at once–and if something doesn’t fit into this category then maybe it belongs somewhere else!

  1. Add Cabinetry

Another way to organize your kitchen is by adding cabinetry. Cabinetry can help you save space, make the most of your kitchen space and also make your kitchen more attractive. Cabinets are great for storing items that are used infrequently or as a catch-all for things like pots and pans.

If you’re thinking about installing new cabinets in your home, here are some tips:

  • Choose high quality materials like maple or cherry wood for durability
  • Make sure there’s enough storage space so that all of the things in need of storing will fit comfortably inside the cabinets
  1. Install Built-Ins and Lockers

Built-ins are a great way to add storage to your kitchen. If you have an island, consider installing lockers underneath it or in your pantry. Lockers are perfect for storing spices and other items that you don’t use frequently. They also make great places for storing coffee tins, tea bags and filters so they’re always handy when you need them!

  1. Designate a Place for Everything Out of the Way of Traffic Flow

Designate a place for everything. If you want to make sure that your kitchen is organized and easy to use, it’s important to designate a place for everything in the kitchen. This means that if there are certain items that get used regularly, those should be stored somewhere where they are out of the way of traffic flow but still accessible when necessary. For example, I store my baking sheets on top of my oven because they don’t take up any space and are easy to grab when needed.

Clean up after yourself! One thing I’ve learned from years of living with roommates is how important it is to clean up after yourself–especially when it comes time for cleaning day. If things aren’t put back into their rightful places before then, then everyone ends up having extra work ahead because everything needs reorganized again before we can start fresh next week!

  1. Create a Workspace for Cooking and Baking in Your New Kitchen

When you’re planning your new kitchen, it’s important to consider how much space you want dedicated to cooking and baking. You’ll want a place where you can set up your tools, ingredients and cookware so that they’re easily accessible. You might choose to add an island or peninsula in order to increase countertop space and make room for multiple cooks at once; this is especially useful if there are children who will be helping out with meal prep. A kitchen island may also include additional storage options such as drawers or cabinets underneath the countertop surface.

If an island isn’t feasible due to limited space or budget constraints, consider installing an appliance garage instead–this allows appliances like stoves and refrigerators/freezers without taking up valuable floor space inside the actual kitchen itself!

You can make your kitchen more functional with the right planning

As you’re planning your kitchen remodel, here are some things to consider:

  • How much storage do I need? How much space am I willing to give up?
  • What kind of drawers and cabinets do I have now, and how can they be improved upon with new ones?
  • How should my countertop be organized for maximum efficiency and ease of use.


You can make your kitchen more functional with the right planning. If you’re considering a renovation, think about the ways in which you can make it easier to store and organize your belongings. You should consider hiring a professional contractor for remodel in San Jose, or wherever you live, who specializes in kitchens so they can help you create a space that works for both cooking and baking needs as well as storage needs!

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