5 Best Armor In 7 Days To Die, Ranked

In 7 Days to Die, a player will be sure to live if they have good defense. Here are the most powerful types of armor.

A lot of people play 7 Days to Die when they want to play an open-world survival game. Fans of zombies can live in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies from the safety of their computers. 7 Days to Die gives fans of survival games an open-world sandbox where they and a group of friends can work together to try to stay alive as long as possible in some of the worst situations.

Armor is one of the things that players need to make sure they can at least make it through the first week. Armor protects a player from damage. Other clothes might help a player deal with heat or cold better, but armor protects them from harm. As time goes on, 7 Days to Die will only get harder, and players will face bigger zombies. So, having good protection can make the difference between living and dying.

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